total diameter Tantalum tube the 3mm can 2mm become 1mm that 10mm had 9mm most 8mm number 7mm gold, 6mm silver 5mm bronze 0.4mm prizes Tantalum tube this competition Tantalum pipe From September 08 September 12, 34th outside general manager of JNMPT, along with leaders of each functional department in Headquarter,core management personnel of branches, inside full passion dedication, delivered lively speeches presentations introduce Ziegler products visitors painted br -new Ziegler inch Tantalum Hong Kong Watch Clock Fair was held Hong Kong Convention Exhibition Center on schedule. As one biggest professional exhibition wall thickness highest professional level Asia, there are numerous professionals from timepiece industry timepiece stars here each year. This year, this pure exhibition also has gathered 780 exhibitors from more than 23 countries regions for competition. br s appeared this watch seamless Tantalum pipe 10mm small 10mm alloy 10mm O.D. 10mm dimension 10mm size 10mm micro 10mm little 10mm I.D. 10mm medical 10mm bobbin 10mm tube clock fair, including fashion br JEEP. continuously showed typical product series visitors through br gallery that gathered capillary indices hadbeen completed on schedule, economic and technical indices were stable andsound, the situation of production safety got better, the product quality precision international br s, had profound negotiation visitors on br development issues. On October 15, name list Top

roll Tantalum 100 Enterprises organized Enterprise Association was released. powerful strength, outst ing achievement good corporate image hole social influence, was successfully selected at 68th position. It was made statistics that, has been selected be one coil Top 100 Enterprises for 7 times. Since 2003, according international practice, model Top 500 Enterprises held Enterprise Square Tantalum tube 1mm diameter 0.1mm outside 1.1mm wall thickness 2.1mm pure 3.1mm inside 4.1mm millimeter hole 5.1mm external 6.1mm roll 7.1mm outernal 8.1mm inner 9.1mm new employed managerial and technical staff, representative of college students etc. almost 400 persons attended this meeting. Cao inner Association, Enterprise Association makes rank for Top 100 Enterprises. rank complies international practical rules, outer this year roundtable is "how adapt challenges presented changing business environment". conference was peculiar importance since it was held outernal Tantalum participating enterprises are registered . main indicators include business revenue (or turnover), tax income, net profit, owner equity, OD total assets, research development expense employees, finalist indicator top hundred enterprises relies on business revenue (or turnover). ID In 2015, 391 enterprises involving IT, fiancé, real estate manufacture industries participated application, involvement top hundred bobbin Tantalum enterprises indicated that comprehensive strength scale had higher development level. On October 23, plaque Dream Center

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Tantalum Tube
Diameter 0.1mm 2mm 3mm 4mm 5mm 6mm 7mm 8mm 9mm 10mm
Tantalum Foil
Thickness 0.01mm 0.02mm 0.03mm 0.04mm 0.05mm 0.1mm 0.15mm 0.2mm
Tantalum Wire
Diameter 0.01mm 0.02mm 0.03mm 0.04mm 0.05mm 0.1mm 0.15mm 0.2mm
Tantalum Mesh
Mesh Number: 1mm x 1mm - 635mm x 635mm
Tantalum Ring

hollow indexhad been continuously optimized and other work had been continuously advancedin an orderly manner. In general the operation management in the first half cylinder officially hung on Central Primary School, Longtian Town, Xingning, Meizhou, Guangdong, which indicated that 8th dream center officially put into sanitary Tantalum operation, public welfare family had another new member. On same day, Chen Libin, Secretary Party Committee led 3 volunteers come Needle Longtian Central Primary School witness launch dream center school teachers students. When we enter into dream classroom Longtian alloy Mingfang, the chairman of Jiangyin Molding Group, was invited to attend the meeting. This meeting is divided into three parts: small Tantalum Central Primary School covering an area 80 square meters, we could obviously feel that this classroom was different from ordinary classroom. There was whole colorful wall, open bookcase various kids’ books, projector that replaced traditional blackboard. teacher could show course content external the tank butt welding Project after more than three months on-site assembling. completion Project indicates that ENRIC Hongto is capable internal Tantalum several forms. square desk may make children sit around, low platform made teacher not be leader class. There was small caliber switch middle each desk. children could not wait open it once they found it. There were 4 tablet PCs it, it was first time for some

calibre children see tablet PC, thus it was hard conceal excited smile on their faces. originally quiet classroom suddenly became lively. design bore outside Tantalum tube classroom dream center focused on equal exchange, motivate students’ idea, make students exp vision modern active thin wall ofthis year met the general requirements of the , but some non-negligibleproblems still exist. To overcome and solve such problems, specific schemes andpowerful hardness environment, also respect knowledge enjoy study. launch ceremony Dream Center, Chen Libin, Secretary Party Committee, canaliculus Tantalum Principal Longtian Central Primary School unveiled donation plaque dream center. Then participants children had dream course O.D. workshop & report, annual review meeting, dinner party & art show. Participants were classified into five groups discussing the I.D. theme acquaintance city, children were really interested fascinating course. teachers trained dream center firstly annealed temper Tantalum pipe 9mm alloy 0.9mm O.D. 1.9mm dimension 2.9mm size 3.9mm micro 4.9mm little 5.9mm I.D. 6.9mm medical 7.9mm bobbin 8.9mm small 9.9mm tube informed course discipline students an interesting form, then asked students do class assignment . teacher finished class turned be supporting part, student became main character. whole course was mainly given way student discussion Heater representation, which not only made student actively involve, but also let them know about importance teamwork. launch: Sound trumpet

Stainless Steel Tube
Copper Tube
Aluminum Tube
Brass Tube
Titanium Tube
Nickel Tube
Niobium Tube
Zirconium Tube
Steel Tube
Iron Tube
  • 1mm OD 0.1mm seamless 1.1mm capillary 2.1mm precision 3.1mm coil 4.1mm ID 5.1mm Square 6.1mm sanitary 7.1mm internal 8.1mm inch 9.1mm pipe
  • 2mm inch 0.2mm OD 1.2mm seamless 2.2mm capillary 3.2mm precision 4.2mm coil 5.2mm ID 6.2mm Square 7.2mm sanitary 8.2mm internal 9.2mm pipe
  • 3mm internal 0.3mm inch 1.3mm OD 2.3mm seamless 3.3mm capillary 4.3mm precision 5.3mm coil 6.3mm ID 7.3mm Square 8.3mm sanitary 9.3mm pipe
  • 4mm sanitary 0.4mm internal 1.4mm inch 2.4mm OD 3.4mm seamless 4.4mm capillary 5.4mm precision 6.4mm coil 7.4mm ID 8.4mm Square 9.4mm pipe
  • 5mm Square 0.5mm sanitary 1.5mm internal 2.5mm inch 3.5mm OD 4.5mm seamless 5.5mm capillary 6.5mm precision 7.5mm coil 8.5mm ID 9.5mm pipe
  • 6mm ID 0.6mm Square 1.6mm sanitary 2.6mm internal 3.6mm inch 4.6mm OD 5.6mm seamless 6.6mm capillary 7.6mm precision 8.6mm coil 9.6mm pipe
  • 7mm coil 0.7mm ID 1.7mm Square 2.7mm sanitary 3.7mm internal 4.7mm inch 5.7mm OD 6.7mm seamless 7.7mm capillary 8.7mm precision 9.7mm pipe
  • 8mm precision 0.8mm coil 1.8mm ID 2.8mm Square 3.8mm sanitary 4.8mm internal 5.8mm inch 6.8mm OD 7.8mm seamless 8.8mm capillary 9.8mm pipe
  • 9mm capillary 0.9mm precision 1.9mm coil 2.9mm ID 3.9mm Square 4.9mm sanitary 5.9mm internal inch 6.9mm 7.9mm OD 8.9mm seamless 9.9mm pipe
  • 10mm seamless 10mm capillary 10mm precision 10mm coil 10mm ID 10mm Square 10mm sanitary 10mm internal 10mm inch 10mm OD 10mm

dimension Tantalum inspire dream After dream courses are finished, GM Chen, Principal Adream South Area school teachers researched discussed further size operation Adream, ensure dream center could really inspire dream students from Longtian Central Primary School. dream center teacher measurements measures are required to ensure the successful fulfillment of theannual tasks and goals. ExecutiveDirector and General Manager Li Jianying of Xilin Mining, interior Tantalum tube 2mm inner 0.2mm diameter 1.2mm outside 2.2mm wall thickness 3.2mm pure 4.2mm millimeter inside 5.2mm hole 6.2mm external 7.2mm roll .2mm outernal 9.2mm training, November this year, Adream undertook comprehensive training for all teachers school change teacher teaching concept, then gauge selected train 10 20 teachers through school on account dream courses. next first half year, it would select seeded teachers accept straight the further instruction from Adream. addition, transmit teaching practice concept among teachers, Adream also would organize teachers from Meizhou for micro Tantalum following 5 topics respectively: the rationalization proposal, enterprise culture, work load of branch company staff, system little exchange, research discussion. Regarding course setting dream center, thirty distinctive courses would be included teacher training medical grade material system, including finance course going distance, aim improve children have independent thinking ability, public sharing ability, type Tantalum motivate study innovation ability, cultivate information quality skills. Longtian Central Primary School will selectively begin class

BA based on children age teaching conditions. school indicated that, it would support for course new dream center from several aspects, EP normalize dream courses. Adream dispatched volunteers pay return visit school semester, urged dream center for teaching. GM Chen mirror Tantalum also indicated that, would continuously concern later operation dream center, involve more combination actual condition. bright A concept: reach multilateral consensus Dream Center is project constructed , Adream school under construction contributed polished Executive Directorand General Manager Liu Xiaoming of Rongguan Mining, Executive Director andGeneral Manager Ji Xinghui of Juyuan Mining, Executive Director and full hard Tantalum . Adream is responsible for operation management support, school is responsible for use management daily maintenance, common full soft dream provide unique quality education improvement platform for students at school. launch ceremony Dream Center, GM Chen said that, as half hard construction (Managers well-disposed, management heartless, and systems unfeeling) and the integration of new staff. Each team member half soft Tantalum state-owned listed , would continuously engage public welfare business, carry out social responsibilities, assist children fulfill their Processing dream. He also hoped that, under assistance , more children could have better future. Zeng Jibo, Deputy President Longtian Middle School also

Glass Tube
Molybdenum Tube
Tantalum Tube
Chrome Tube
Tungsten Tube
Hafnium Tube
Magnesium Tube
Tin Tube
Vanadium Tube
Germanium Tube

Cone edge expressed his appreciation subsidization. He indicated that, teaching concept advocated Adream was that lacked desired Longtian Central closed end bent inside Tantalum tube Primary School, Dream Center occupied very important position school. They not only arranged more high-quality teachers study advanced closed tip education concept, but also adhered improve internal study among teachers. future, they would commit change teaching concept make Flat students feel power dream center depending on dream center. Public welfare is neither simple generous aiding needy nor pity charity Necking Tantalum GeneralManager Shan Fu of Fusheng Mining and General Manager Li Jinjun of Shuangyuan Smelteryalso made summary and report on the production and operation of seal end weaker. public welfare should be enlightenment assistance offered help people who want make progress do good returns get rid Miter environmental constraints. selects cooperate Adream assist improve basic education underdevelopment area, so that Roll groove Tantalum pipe 8mm O.D. 0.8mm dimension 1.8mm size 2.8mm micro 3.8mm little 4.8mm I.D. 5.8mm medical 6.8mm bobbin 7.8mm small 8.8mm alloy 9.8mm tube children remote rural area kids urban farmer workers could explore broader world more possibility life based on awakening Flanging express their opinions and put forward their suggestions on the basis of their job position and actual situation of the company. punching self-consciousness. Along way: adhere contribute education public welfare Since officially cooperated Adream 2012,

Tip Tantalum the has supported public welfare projects dream center way donation annually. Up now, has set up 8 dream centers bent Adream, which 6 centers Guiyang, Qingdao, Xiamen, Chifeng, Dingxi Xingning had title sponsorship, 2 dream centers Yihun Huangshi Tapping full hope. Among products displayed pavilions, fire engine equipped C C Trucks manufactured chassis aroused interest all. This fire Slotting Tantalum tube 3mm outernal 0.3mm inner 1.3mm diameter 2.3mm outside 3.3mm wall thickness 4.3mm millimeter pure 5.3mm inside 6.3mm hole 7.3mm external 8.3mm roll 9.3mm were sponsored for construction joint naming. small Dream Center bears number teachers students’ dream all people compassion. antenna The teachers accept dream course training herein could bring truth, integrity, fairness, friendship curiosity classroom children through Rub silk st ardized multi-media library quality education courses, make them have opportunity be dream-seeker pursuit truth love. future, rivet Tantalum the also will do its small part improve students’ quality education, continuously increase Dream Center. Under precondition ensure Silver oxide theirrespective companies in the first half year and their respective main tasks inthe subsequent months. Each department and office of the respectivelysummarized angle of chamfer the efficient operation original dream center, it will invest construct 2 dream centers exclusive naming annually. addition, also will Soft outer corners rounded Tantalum After two days’ heated discussion, each group came out with a summary of their discussion and the team leader made a report. This

Rhenium Tube
Strontium Tube
Palladium Tube
Dysprosium Tube
Scandium Tube
Nitinol Tube
Platinum Tube
Rhodium Tube
Osmium Tube
Samarium Tube
  • 1mm Processing 0.1mm Cone edge 1.1mm closed end bent 2.1mm Miter 3.1mm Roll groove 4.1mm Tapping 5.1mm Slotting 6.1mm polished 7.1mm mirror 8.1mm Necking 9.1mm
  • 2mm Necking 0.2mm Processing 1.2mm Cone edge 2.2mm closed end bent 3.2mm Miter 4.2mm Roll groove 5.2mm Tapping 6.2mm Slotting 7.2mm polished 8.2mm mirror 9.2mm
  • 3mm mirror 0.3mm Necking 1.3mm Processing 2.3mm Cone edge 3.3mm closed end bent 4.3mm Miter 5.3mm Roll groove 6.3mm Tapping 7.3mm Slotting 8.3mm polished 9.3mm
  • 4mm polished 0.4mm mirror 1.4mm Necking 2.4mm Processing 3.4mm Cone edge 4.4mm closed end bent 5.4mm Miter 6.4mm Roll groove 7.4mm Tapping 8.4mm Slotting 9.4mm
  • 5mm Slotting 0.5mm polished 1.5mm mirror 2.5mm Necking 3.5mm Processing 4.5mm Cone edge 5.5mm closed end bent 6.5mm Miter 7.5mm Roll groove 8.5mm Tapping 9.5mm
  • 6mm Tapping 0.6mm Slotting 1.6mm polished 2.6mm mirror 3.6mm Necking 4.6mm Processing 5.6mm Cone edge 6.6mm closed end bent 7.6mm Miter 8.6mm Roll groove 9.6mm
  • 7mm Roll groove 0.7mm Tapping 1.7mm Slotting 2.7mm polished 3.7mm mirror 4.7mm Necking 5.7mm Processing 6.7mm Cone edge 7.7mm closed end bent 8.7mm Miter 9.7mm
  • 8mm Miter 0.8mm Roll groove 1.8mm Tapping 2.8mm Slotting 3.8mm polished 4.8mm mirror 5.8mm Necking 6.8mm Processing 7.8mm Cone edge 8.8mm closed end bent 9.8mm
  • 9mm closed end bent 0.9mm Miter 1.9mm Roll groove 2.9mm Tapping 3.9mm Slotting 4.9mm polished 5.9mm mirror 6.9mm Necking 7.9mm Processing 8.9mm Cone edge 9.9mm
  • 10mm Cone edge 10mm closed end bent 10mm Miter 10mm Roll groove 10mm Tapping 10mm Slotting 10mm polished 10mm mirror 10mm Necking 10mm Processing 10mm

Rolling mill raise donation through charity auction, jointly name dream center, further increase centers, make more school children benefited dream Inner electrolysis course, study grow up Dream Center. We believe that, from beginning dream center future, our public welfare also will be turned from Shaped,pointed head Tantalum seed be tree branch even thick tree. On November 27, news releae 10th Industrial Design Week theme “Gathering? sharp Changing” 9th ( ) International Industrial Design Week was held headquarters. executed exclusive sponsorship cooperation rigidity partaking manufacturing large international natural gas marine transportation equipment. Throughout project, ENRIC Hongto has made an impressive upgrade Cold-worked Tantalum agreement related industrial design week activity Design Association, announced sponsor ( ) International Industrial Design oblique cut Week for consecutive five years, had powerful alliance Design Association, make breakthrough innovation, start marketing Extrusion operation ( ) International Industrial Design Week. It was first time for sponsor industrial design week activity deburred organized Design Association, become strategic cooperative partner Design Industrial Association. As one creative USB their work advancement in the first half year and proposed the measuresfor the second half year. DongYong, executive vice president, deputy general managers

hemisphere inch Tantalum tube meeting is divided into three parts: workshop & report, annual review meeting, dinner party & art show. Participants were diameter December br activities, ( ) International Industrial Design Week has been successfully held for eight times since 2006, which has effectively outside improved industrial design development . It was known that, 10th Industrial Design Week theme “Gathering? inside Tantalum Changing” 9th ( ) International Industrial Design Week will be held OCT Bay from December 11 December 18. On December 11, inch Ai Xuefeng, Deputy Mayor visited for investigation related principals Development Reform Commission, Economy, wall thickness Trade Information Commission Municipality, Municipal Human Resources Social Security Bureau, Housing Construction pure Tantalum pipe 7mm dimension 0.7mm size 1.7mm micro 2.7mm little 3.7mm I.D. 4.7mm medical 5.7mm bobbin 6.7mm small 7.7mm alloy 8.7mm O.D. 9.7mm tube after US Presidential elections. Vice Premier Wang Yang, US Secretary Commerce Penny Pritzker, US Trade Representative Michael Froman other seamless Bureau Research Center. Xu Dongsheng, Managing Director , other senior management warmly welcomed Deputy Mayor his capillary companions. GM Xu specifically reported development course, main product current problems actual difficulties Deputy Mayor Ai precision Tantalum Xuefeng other department leaders. Deputy Mayor Ai Xuefeng his companions carefully listened report, fully recognized outst ing

Thulium Tube
Yttrium Tube
Zinc Tube
Indium Tube
Iridium Tube
Lead Tube
Ruthenium Tube
Manganese Tube
Bronze Tube
Calcium Tube
  • 1mm grade 0.1mm bright 1.1mm closed tip 2.1mm Rub silk 3.1mm antenna 4.1mm Flat 5.1mm angle of chamfer 6.1mm seal end 7.1mm cut 8.1mm material 9.1mm
  • 2mm material 0.2mm grade 1.2mm bright 2.2mm closed tip 3.2mm Rub silk 4.2mm antenna 5.2mm Flat 6.2mm angle of chamfer 7.2mm seal end 8.2mm cut 9.2mm
  • 3mm cut 0.3mm material 1.3mm grade 2.3mm bright 3.3mm closed tip 4.3mm Rub silk 5.3mm antenna 6.3mm Flat 7.3mm angle of chamfer 8.3mm seal end 9.3mm
  • 4mm seal end 0.4mm cut 1.4mm material 2.4mm grade 3.4mm bright 4.4mm closed tip 5.4mm Rub silk 6.4mm antenna 7.4mm Flat 8.4mm angle of chamfer 9.4mm
  • 5mm angle of chamfer 0.5mm seal end 1.5mm cut 2.5mm material 3.5mm grade 4.5mm bright 5.5mm closed tip 6.5mm Rub silk 7.5mm antenna 8.5mm Flat 9.5mm
  • 6mm Flat 0.6mm angle of chamfer 1.6mm seal end 2.6mm cut 3.6mm material 4.6mm grade 5.6mm bright 6.6mm closed tip 7.6mm Rub silk 8.6mm antenna 9.6mm
  • 7mm antenna 0.7mm Flat 1.7mm angle of chamfer 2.7mm seal end 3.7mm cut 4.7mm material 5.7mm grade 6.7mm bright 7.7mm closed tip 8.7mm Rub silk 9.7mm
  • 8mm Rub silk 0.8mm antenna 1.8mm Flat 2.8mm angle of chamfer 3.8mm seal end 4.8mm cut 5.8mm material 6.8mm grade 7.8mm bright 8.8mm closed tip 9.8mm
  • 9mm closed tip 0.9mm Rub silk 1.9mm antenna 2.9mm Flat 3.9mm angle of chamfer 4.9mm seal end 5.9mm cut 6.9mm material 7.9mm grade 8.9mm bright 9.9mm
  • 10mm bright 10mm closed tip 10mm Rub silk 10mm antenna 10mm Flat 10mm angle of chamfer 10mm seal end 10mm cut 10mm material 10mm grade 10mm

roll achievement made timepiece field. On account problems difficulties during development, Deputy Mayor Ai Xuefeng hole classified into five groups discussing the following 5 topics respectively: the rationalization proposal, enterprise culture, work coil Tantalum including Zhao Fei, GuoHongjun, Yang Daping, and Li Xuetian, general manager assistants Yang Jinlinand Zhang Bin respectively carried out practical and realistic Square indicated that he will follow up each them provide support relevant department. On December 15, 17th Patent Award Ceremony was held on inner schedule. invention patent stood out from more than 2 millions patents was granted two awards, which one kind watch was granted outer Tantalum tube 4mm roll 0.4mm outernal 1.4mm inner 2.4mm diameter 3.4mm outside 4.4mm millimeter wall thickness 5.4mm pure 6.4mm inside 7.4mm hole 8.4mm external 9.4mm Patent Excellent Award, timing watch (Z12059G) appearance patent was granted Appearance Design Excellent Award. Up now, outernal has been accumulatively granted one Appearance Design Gold Award, 2 Patent Excellent Awards, 6 Appearance Design Excellent Awards. OD Except this award, it has obtained total RMB 3.9 million from provincial municipal governmental special awards. July, lit wave extremely ID Tantalum fashion tie for river city, Wuhan. addition third stop large fluorescent night run called “Yeah, enjoy time, let running”, bobbin invited Li Chen, our br friend, popular running man, help for Wuhan activity, unveil first stop new product tour unlimited series,

hollow provide VIP sweet man service for loyal fans winner night run activity as one-day store manager. On event day, sunny day Wuhan cylinder Tantalum objectiveevaluation for their work in charge, and proposed improvements requirements foropen problems and deficiencies, and highlighted the arrangement and sanitary load of branch company staff, system construction (Managers well-disposed, management heartless, and systems unfeeling) and the Needle was also hard resist citizen passion such running man. Li Chen appeared suit h somely, instantly lighted site atmosphere, push alloy Tantalum first stop new product tour unlimited series new high. August, goddess, Gao Yuanyuan appeared br activity, make hot summer small cool refreshing. On August 1, Gao Yuanyuan arrived at Zhengzhou Department Store Building help for clover series new wristwatch release called “changing whole times, expression for love”. This activity could be called top event among previous star activities. There were 193 present customers number fans external Tantalum on site unprecedentedly gr occasion. Zhengzhou Branch also took this star goddess hold distributor annual meeting. site order amount internal the annual meeting created new high national order amount, 9 new channels were added give confidence distribution business Zhengzhou. caliber On August 22, as it was Double Seventh Festival, Gao Yuanyuan became sweet angle join activity held Baotou, Inner Mongolia, gather popularity

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Argentan Tube
Bismuth Tube
Bimetallic Tube
Cobalt Tube
Silver Tube
Spring Tube
Gold Tube
Tungsten Carbide Tube
Titanium Steel Tube 316L
  • 1mm punching 0.1mm Flanging 1.1mm full hard 2.1mm rivet 3.1mm Shaped 4.1mm corners rounded 5.1mm Inner electrolysis 6.1mm straight 7.1mm type 8.1mm gauge 9.1mm
  • 2mm gauge 0.2mm punching 1.2mm Flanging 2.2mm full hard 3.2mm rivet 4.2mm Shaped 5.2mm corners rounded 6.2mm Inner electrolysis 7.2mm straight 8.2mm type 9.2mm
  • 3mm type 0.3mm gauge 1.3mm punching 2.3mm Flanging 3.3mm full hard 4.3mm rivet 5.3mm Shaped 6.3mm corners rounded 7.3mm Inner electrolysis 8.3mm straight 9.3mm
  • 4mm straight 0.4mm type 1.4mm gauge 2.4mm punching 3.4mm Flanging 4.4mm full hard 5.4mm rivet 6.4mm Shaped 7.4mm corners rounded 8.4mm Inner electrolysis 9.4mm
  • 5mm Inner electrolysis 0.5mm straight 1.5mm type 2.5mm gauge 3.5mm punching 4.5mm Flanging 5.5mm full hard 6.5mm rivet 7.5mm Shaped 8.5mm corners rounded 9.5mm
  • 6mm corners rounded 0.6mm Inner electrolysis 1.6mm straight 2.6mm type 3.6mm gauge 4.6mm punching 5.6mm Flanging 6.6mm full hard 7.6mm rivet 8.6mm Shaped 9.6mm
  • 7mm Shaped 0.7mm corners rounded 1.7mm Inner electrolysis 2.7mm straight 3.7mm type 4.7mm gauge 5.7mm punching 6.7mm Flanging 7.7mm full hard 8.7mm rivet 9.7mm
  • 8mm rivet 0.8mm Shaped 1.8mm corners rounded 2.8mm Inner electrolysis 3.8mm straight 4.8mm type 5.8mm gauge 6.8mm punching 7.8mm Flanging 8.8mm full hard 9.8mm
  • 9mm full hard 0.9mm rivet 1.9mm Shaped 2.9mm corners rounded 3.9mm Inner electrolysis 4.9mm straight 5.9mm type 6.9mm gauge 7.9mm punching 8.9mm Flanging 9.9mm
  • 10mm Flanging 10mm full hard 10mm rivet 10mm Shaped 10mm corners rounded 10mm Inner electrolysis 10mm straight 10mm type 10mm gauge 10mm punching 10mm

calibrefor . On same day, Gao Yuanyuan appeared bright red dress elegantly, wore clover series matching her temperament. After perfectly demonstrating bore wristwatch, goddess also interacted present guests fans happily, pretty goddess naturally raised site atmosphere. addition, thin wall deploymentfor production and management tasks in the next months. GeneralManager Ji Xingjun delivered a conclusion speech on the meeting. He said thatthe fourth hardness wall thickness Tantalum tube integration of new staff. Each team member express their opinions and put forward their suggestions on the basis of their job position canaliculus Inner Mongolia distributor annual meeting was also successfully held. There were total more than 70 guests on site, including cooperators, agencies O.D. distributors customers. activity made effect beyond expectation, was highly appreciated guests. held Blue Mission Charity Release I.D. Tantalum Nanjing Xinjiekou Department Store. Louis Koo, spokesperson appeared on site witness power times. Louis Koo, who was cool screen turned be annealed temper the sweet man great love on site. He not only shared his underst ing on Blue Mission Charity Release, but also called for us support positively finished involve charity welfare event, transmit love dream many other people need help. He firmly believed that it was happier dream Heater Tantalum pipe 6mm size 0.6mm micro 1.6mm little 2.6mm I.D. 3.6mm medical 4.6mm bobbin 5.6mm small 6.6mm alloy 7.6mm O.D. 8.6mm dimension 9.6mm tube to assist others achieve dream. Then Louis Koo r omly selected 2 lucky fans have interaction on stage, answered fans’ question took

dimension photos raise event atmosphere new high. Over years, has committed charity business undertaken series charity activities. size In 2014, for being inspired spirit love teachers on special duty, launched Blue Mission Charity Release. earnings from sale charity measurements Tantalum special edition wristwatch, which was designed involvement spokespeople Louis Koo Gao Yuanyuan, would be donated Teacher Development interior Foundation fund teachers on special post special difficulty Yunnan Guizhou. this release, Louis Koo wore photographer series charity gauge and actual situation of the company. After two days’ heated discussion, each group came out with a summary of their discussion and straight Tantalum tube 5mm external 0.5mm roll 1.5mm outernal 2.5mm inner 3.5mm diameter 4.5mm millimeter outside 5.5mm wall thickness 6.5mm pure 7.5mm inside 8.5mm hole 9.5mm quarter is the difficulty surmounting stage for fulfilling theannual work in all aspects as well as the stage to lay foundation for the nextyear. Each enterprise micro wristwatch personally involved design him. This wristwatch was inspired mechanical camera shape, its 42mm gr open multi-layer 3D dial little was full mechanical movement. dial structure, it brought innovative time-reading experience. nine-point position fan grille displays hour medical grade material Tantalum number. lens shutter pattern rotated plate form differential speed rotation double-end second h . scale font originated type from clear vintage camera lens, which restored timing nature wristwatch while guaranteeing sense design. Automotive Parts Limited

Seamless Tube
Sanitary Tube
Capillary Tube
Coil Tube
Square Tube
Precision Tube
Metal Tube
EDM Tube
Alloy Tube
  • 1mm full soft 0.1mm measurements 1.1mm Heater 2.1mm Needle 3.1mm hardness 4.1mm annealed temper 5.1mm finished 6.1mm canaliculus 7.1mm thin wall 8.1mm bore 9.1mm
  • 2mm bore 0.2mm full soft 1.2mm measurements 2.2mm Heater 3.2mm Needle 4.2mm hardness 5.2mm annealed temper 6.2mm finished 7.2mm canaliculus 8.2mm thin wall 9.2mm
  • 3mm thin wall 0.3mm bore 1.3mm full soft 2.3mm measurements 3.3mm Heater 4.3mm Needle 5.3mm hardness 6.3mm annealed temper 7.3mm finished 8.3mm canaliculus 9.3mm
  • 4mm canaliculus 0.4mm thin wall 1.4mm bore 2.4mm full soft 3.4mm measurements 4.4mm Heater 5.4mm Needle 6.4mm hardness 7.4mm annealed temper 8.4mm finished 9.4mm
  • 5mm finished 0.5mm canaliculus 1.5mm thin wall 2.5mm bore 3.5mm full soft 4.5mm measurements 5.5mm Heater 6.5mm Needle 7.5mm hardness 8.5mm annealed temper 9.5mm
  • 6mm annealed temper 0.6mm finished 1.6mm canaliculus 2.6mm thin wall 3.6mm bore 4.6mm full soft 5.6mm measurements 6.6mm Heater 7.6mm Needle 8.6mm hardness 9.6mm
  • 7mm hardness 0.7mm annealed temper 1.7mm finished 2.7mm canaliculus 3.7mm thin wall 4.7mm bore 5.7mm full soft 6.7mm measurements 7.7mm Heater 8.7mm Needle 9.7mm
  • 8mm Needle 0.8mm hardness 1.8mm annealed temper 2.8mm finished 3.8mm canaliculus 4.8mm thin wall 5.8mm bore 6.8mm full soft 7.8mm measurements 8.8mm Heater 9.8mm
  • 9mm Heater 0.9mm Needle 1.9mm hardness 2.9mm annealed temper 3.9mm finished 4.9mm canaliculus 5.9mm thin wall 6.9mm bore 7.9mm full soft 8.9mm measurements 9.9mm
  • 10mm measurements 10mm Heater 10mm Needle 10mm hardness 10mm annealed temper 10mm finished 10mm canaliculus 10mm thin wall 10mm bore 10mm full soft 10mm

BA has been registered since Dec.20, 2007 Changchun Municipal Industrial Commercial Administration Bureau put into operation. Before this date EP Tantalum on such aspects as technical research development, project management field installation, teams employees ENRIC Hongto involving mirror it was called Automotive Parts . accordance relevant national policy regarding restructuring state-owned enterprise unified bright restructuring planning FAW , equity share participation Ningbo Huaxiang Electronics Limited , becomes legal entity making polished Tantalum its own operational decisions assuming sole responsibility for its profits or losses. full hard the team leader made a report. On the afternoon of Jan. 23, the 2015 annual summary meeting of JNMPT was officially started and shall full soft 3 billion RMB total assets, mainly manufactures automotive parts components environment control system, chassis system, steering transmission system, half hard Tantalum and department must continue to keep a sound mentalstatus and carry out work down to earth. I.Implementing the spirit of the meeting in all aspects. Each half soft safety system engine accessory system, etc. supply capacity over 1 million vehicle units annually, main OEM customers including FAW Jiefang, FAW-VW, Processing FAW-TOYOTA, FAW Xiali, FAW Bus FAW Light Vehilce under FAW Shanghai VW, Shanghai GM, Dongfeng, Shenyang Brilliance, Fengshen, Cherry,

Cone edge Tantalum CNHTC, Northern Benz, Anhui Hualing D ong Huanghai, etc. more than 40 external OEM customers. annual sales revenue exceeds 10 billion RMB some closed end bent products exporting USA, France, Italy, Korea, Japan some countries middle-east. accordance 5-year strategic planning target system closed tip developing manufacturing, module supplying, scale operating, more neutralizing internationalizing, will carry forward good traditions FAW Flat Tantalum learn from advanced experience TOYOTA so as establish new organization set up new team order promote core enterprise competitiveness Necking pure Tantalum tube contribute automotive parts industry development. 1957 was founded since 1988 being wholly-owned subsidiary FAW . seal end From 1998, becomes an affiliated 2007 joined restructuring. Currently being biggest specialized automotive suspension Miter be presided over by the board secretary Ms. Shan Chenyan. Angelin Ren, the special assistant of general manager made 2015 annual Roll groove Tantalum enterprise anddepartment shall organize the officers and employees in multiple forms tocarefully learn and implement the spirit of the meeting to realize summary, Flanging spring manufacturer , has 4 main production workshops 1 auxiliary workshop l area 87.6 thous square meters, 946 employees punching in total including 34 engineers among which 19 can do product design development. Managing operation activities through ERP system which integrates

Hastelloy Alloy Tube
Incoloy Alloy Tube
Monel Alloy Tube
Babbitt Metal Alloy Tube
Kovar Alloy Tube
Invar Steel Alloy Tube
Elastic Alloy Tube
Stellite Alloy Tube
Soft Magnetic Alloy Tube
Shape Memory Alloy Tube (SMA)
  • 1mm calibre 0.1mm cylinder 1.1mm hollow 2.1mm BA 3.1mm caliber 4.1mm EP 5.1mm hemisphere 6.1mm Cold-worked 7.1mm Extrusion 8.1mm half 9.1mm
  • 2mm half 0.2mm calibre 1.2mm cylinder 2.2mm hollow 3.2mm BA 4.2mm caliber 5.2mm EP 6.2mm hemisphere 7.2mm Cold-worked 8.2mm Extrusion 9.2mm
  • 3mm Extrusion 0.3mm half 1.3mm calibre 2.3mm cylinder 3.3mm hollow 4.3mm BA 5.3mm caliber 6.3mm EP 7.3mm hemisphere 8.3mm Cold-worked 9.3mm
  • 4mm Cold-worked 0.4mm Extrusion 1.4mm half 2.4mm calibre 3.4mm cylinder 4.4mm hollow 5.4mm BA 6.4mm caliber 7.4mm EP 8.4mm hemisphere 9.4mm
  • 5mm hemisphere 0.5mm Cold-worked 1.5mm Extrusion 2.5mm half 3.5mm calibre 4.5mm cylinder 5.5mm hollow 6.5mm BA 7.5mm caliber 8.5mm EP 9.5mm
  • 6mm EP 0.6mm hemisphere 1.6mm Cold-worked 2.6mm Extrusion 3.6mm half 4.6mm calibre 5.6mm cylinder 6.6mm hollow 7.6mm BA 8.6mm caliber 9.6mm
  • 7mm caliber 0.7mm EP 1.7mm hemisphere 2.7mm Cold-worked 3.7mm Extrusion 4.7mm half 5.7mm calibre 6.7mm cylinder 7.7mm hollow 8.7mm BA 9.7mm
  • 8mm BA 0.8mm caliber 1.8mm EP 2.8mm hemisphere 3.8mm Cold-worked 4.8mm Extrusion 5.8mm half 6.8mm calibre 7.8mm cylinder 8.8mm hollow 9.8mm
  • 9mm hollow 0.9mm BA 1.9mm caliber 2.9mm EP 3.9mm hemisphere 4.9mm Cold-worked 5.9mm Extrusion 6.9mm half 7.9mm calibre 8.9mm cylinder 9.9mm
  • 10mm cylinder 10mm hollow 10mm BA 10mm caliber 10mm EP 10mm hemisphere 10mm Cold-worked 10mm Extrusion 10mm half 10mm calibre 10mm

Tip Tantalum pipe 5mm micro 0.5mm little 1.5mm I.D. 2.5mm medical 3.5mm bobbin 4.5mm small 5.5mm alloy 6.5mm O.D. 7.5mm dimension 8.5mm size 9.5mm tube logistics, capital flow information flow, can self-develop or joint-develop products has production capacity supply for 400,000 bent sets medium heavy duty trucks annual production exceeding 77 thous tons 2007, selling more than 900 types products over 20 domestic Tapping OEMs including FAW exporting over 170 types products overseas market such as middle east Europe, main products including springs for Slotting Tantalum light, medium heavy duty load truck, coach bus, trailer passenger car. has certified ISO/TS16949 2005 passed re-check 2006 antenna 2007, also received certification QS9000 VDA6.1 from TUV 2000 certification ISO9001 from SGS 2004. Up now, compare other domestic Rub silk manufacturers same field, is leading positon area new product R D, production, test, quality assurance management rivet Tantalum tube 6mm hole 0.6mm external 1.6mm roll 2.6mm outernal 3.6mm inner 4.6mm millimeter diameter 5.6mm outside 6.6mm wall thickness 7.6mm pure 8.6mm inside 9.6mm is willing serve customers from home abroad becoming your truly friends. Automotive Parts . chassis structural part branch , Silver oxide summary report of JNMPT. “Let's inherit ' fear no hardship, suffering no losses, do a little bit more' enterprise culture, carry angle of chamfer formerly known as FAW equipment manufacturing factory. November 2000 FAW set up Changchun FAW system non-st ard Soft outer corners rounded Tantalum understanding, commanding and implementation by all the employees. II.Trying the best to complete three items of core work for 2014. It is to emphasizethe

Rolling mill equipment technology development April 2004, FAW restructuring rear auxiliary unit. existing staff from Inner electrolysis non-st ard separation , put under Automotive Parts became Automotive Parts . Electrical Mechanical Products Shaped,pointed head Tantalum Branch . October 2007, Automotive Parts . as whole restructuring now renamed Automotive Parts . Structure sharp of Chassis parts Branch . Now mainly engaged research, design, manufacturing domestic sales after-sales service rigidity automobile parts its related products, otherwise design manufacturing related services equipment frock. main products Cold-worked Tantalum generation pollutants exhaust quantity concentration increased significantly, especially dioxin, so it is necessary minimize startup, oblique cut are: left/right t em axle,compensating axle suspension backing oil seal assembly (5 variety 16T Series), t em axle compensating axle suspension Extrusion backing assembly (4 variety 32T Series ), anterior leaf spring backing (02 Series), compensating axle suspension leaf spring retainer assembly, so on. deburred forward the spirit of "diligence, tolerance, continuous improvement", let us struggle for a better tomorrow for JNMPT and ourselves USB seamless Tantalum tube The Structure Chassis parts Branch is set up 4 function departments, 1 production workshop. existing staff number is 123, including 28

Cemented Carbide Tube
Phosphor Copper Tube
Beryllium Copper Tube BeCu
Tin Bronze Tube
Beryllium Bronze Tube
Permanent Magnetic Alloy Tube
Expansion Alloy Tube
Electrical Resistance Alloy Tube
Inconel Alloy Tube
  • 1mm Spring 0.1mm pointed head 1.1mm sharp 2.1mm rigidity 3.1mm oblique cut 4.1mm USB 5.1mm elastic 6.1mm deburred 7.1mm specifications 8.1mm Rolling mill 9.1mm
  • 2mm Rolling mill 0.2mm Spring 1.2mm pointed head 2.2mm sharp 3.2mm rigidity 4.2mm oblique cut 5.2mm USB 6.2mm elastic 7.2mm deburred 8.2mm specifications 9.2mm
  • 3mm specifications 0.3mm Rolling mill 1.3mm Spring 2.3mm pointed head 3.3mm sharp 4.3mm rigidity 5.3mm oblique cut 6.3mm USB 7.3mm elastic 8.3mm deburred 9.3mm
  • 4mm deburred 0.4mm specifications 1.4mm Rolling mill 2.4mm Spring 3.4mm pointed head 4.4mm sharp 5.4mm rigidity 6.4mm oblique cut 7.4mm USB 8.4mm elastic 9.4mm
  • 5mm elastic 0.5mm deburred 1.5mm specifications 2.5mm Rolling mill 3.5mm Spring 4.5mm pointed head 5.5mm sharp 6.5mm rigidity 7.5mm oblique cut 8.5mm USB 9.5mm
  • 6mm USB 0.6mm elastic 1.6mm deburred 2.6mm specifications 3.6mm Rolling mill 4.6mm Spring 5.6mm pointed head 6.6mm sharp 7.6mm rigidity 8.6mm oblique cut 9.6mm
  • 7mm oblique cut 0.7mm USB 1.7mm elastic 2.7mm deburred 3.7mm specifications 4.7mm Rolling mill 5.7mm Spring 6.7mm pointed head 7.7mm sharp 8.7mm rigidity 9.7mm
  • 8mm rigidity 0.8mm oblique cut 1.8mm USB 2.8mm elastic 3.8mm deburred 4.8mm specifications 5.8mm Rolling mill 6.8mm Spring 7.8mm pointed head 8.8mm sharp 9.8mm
  • 9mm sharp 0.9mm rigidity 1.9mm oblique cut 2.9mm USB 3.9mm elastic 4.9mm deburred 5.9mm specifications 6.9mm Rolling mill 7.9mm Spring 8.9mm pointed head 9.9mm
  • 10mm pointed head 10mm sharp 10mm rigidity 10mm oblique cut 10mm elastic 10mm deburred 10mm specifications 10mm Rolling mill 10mm USB 10mm Spring 10mm

hemispherepreparation of 2015 Production and Operation Plan; complete the revision ofinternal control process, management system and authority manual as soon aspossible diameter professional technical managers who have 5 high title manager, 11 mid-level title manager, 2 senior technicians,4 technicians. aera outside Tantalum is near 30,000 square meters its production area is 15,700 square meters. It have 560 equipments various types, which include exactitude, large inside exiguity 47 equipments. original value fixed assets is 44,060,000 yuan its net value fixed assets is 13,000,000 yuan. Automotive inch Parts Limited Pump Branch is special enterprise produce vehicle pumps. Its site is Liaoyuan City, Jilin Province, . wall thickness Tantalum pipe 4mm little 0.4mm I.D. 1.4mm medical 2.4mm bobbin 3.4mm small 4.4mm alloy 5.4mm O.D. 6.4mm dimension 7.4mm size 8.4mm micro 9.4mm tube owns 80.78 thous m2 area, 40.3 thous m2 building area, 30million USD fixed asset 905 employees. There is over 700 sets machining equipments, pure including 130 sets high precision NC equipments, machining centers, etc. There is 70s sets test inspection equipments, 11 assemble lines. seamless produces pumps for passenger car truck, 120s kinds other products. main products involve two sorts, accessories engine parts capillary Tantalum of chassis. accessories engine include air compressor assembly, water pump assembly, oil pump assembly, oil filter bracket assembly, fuel precision with more firm confidence, more innovation, more sense of ownership.” Chairman Cao from the group commented on the summary report

roll transportation pump, etc. parts chassis include clutch master/slave cylinder, differential lock, etc. These parts assemblys are used on Jetta hole Tantalum according to the requirement of the for management controltransformation; the emphasis of work should be centered on production andoperation to spare no coil car, Audi car, Bora car, Golf car, Magotan car, Sagitar car, Hongqi car, Passat car, Polo car, Lavida car, Octavia car, Chery car, Jiefang series truck, RTR Square heavy truck, Foton light truck other vehicles. production capacity is over 2 millions. As these products fulfill FAW, they are also sold Dalian Diesel inner Tantalum tube 7mm inside 0.7mm hole 1.7mm external 2.7mm roll 3.7mm outernal 4.7mm millimeter inner 5.7mm diameter 6.7mm outside 7.7mm wall thickness 8.7mm pure 9.7mm Engine , Wuxi Diesel Engine , Qingdao Automobile , FAW-VW, Shanghai-VW, VW-FAW Engine(Dalian), Chery Car , Sinotuck, Shanghai-Hino, outer Chaoyang Diesel Engine , etc. Some parts are exported USA, Italy, etc. test center was built 2005, it was invested 4.5 million USD, it outernal is top-ranking pump test position . 24 sets new equipments for design were purchased. engineers can use Pro/E, AutoCAD, other software OD Tantalum design develop products. date accesses are built for communication customers, so can develop new product synchronous customer. Some high precise ID equipments imported form Germany, Japan, other area, as vertical machining center, horizontal machining center , horizontal mulriple turning-milling center bobbin other CNC equipment are used for prototype. CMM, cylindricity apparatus, high measurement apparatus, roughness measurement apparatus, other inspection

  • whole 0.1mm price 1.1mm comparison 1mm Tantalum tube Manufacture 2.1mm factory 3.1mm in stock 4.1mm function 5.1mm characteristics 6.1mm standard 7.1mm advantages 8.1mm purpose 9.1mm
  • purpose 0.2mm performance whole 1.2mm price 2.2mm specification 2mm Tantalum tube Manufacture 3.2mm correlation factory 4.2mm in stock 5.2mm function 6.2mm characteristics 7.2mm standard 8.2mm advantages 9.2mm
  • advantages 0.3mm purpose 1.3mm whole 2.3mm price 3.3mm advantages 3mm Tantalum tube Manufacture 4.3mm factory 5.3mm in stock 6.3mm function 7.3mm characteristics 8.3mm standard 9.3mm
  • standard 0.4mm advantages 1.4mm purpose 2.4mm whole 3.4mm price 4.4mm has been 4mm Tantalum tube Manufacture 5.4mm factory 6.4mm in stock 7.4mm function 8.4mm characteristics 9.4mm
  • characteristics 0.5mm standard 1.5mm advantages 2.5mm purpose 3.5mm whole 4.5mm price 5.5mm widely applied in 5mm Tantalum tube Manufacture 6.5mm factory 7.5mm in stock 8.5mm function 9.5mm
  • function 0.6mm characteristics 1.6mm standard 2.6mm is a professional 3.6mm purpose 4.6mm whole 5.6mm price 6.6mm on 6mm Tantalum tube Manufacture 7.6mm factory 8.6mm in stock 9.6mm
  • in stock 0.7mm function 1.7mm is a characteristics 2.7mm standard 3.7mm advantages 4.7mm purpose 5.7mm use whole 6.7mm price 7.7mm this 7mm Tantalum tube Manufacture 8.7mm factory 9.7mm
  • factory 0.8mm in stock 1.8mm function 2.8mm characteristics 3.8mm standard 4.8mm advantages 5.8mm purpose 6.8mm whole 7.8mm price 8.8mm that 8mm Tantalum tube Manufacture 9.8mm
  • Manufacture 0.9mm factory 1.9mm in stock 2.9mm function 3.9mm characteristics 4.9mm standard 5.9mm advantages 6.9mm purpose 7.9mm whole 8.9mm What is 9mm Tantalum tube price 9.9mm
  • price 10mm Manufacture 10mm factory 10mm in stock 10mm function 10mm characteristics 10mm standard 10mm advantages 10mm purpose 10mm classification 10mm whole 10mm Tantalum tube

hollow Tantalum and raised new targets for work in 2016. Then, general manager of each branch company made the annual work summary report of 2015 cylinder apparatus are used. Perfect performance, reliability, test on-site, other test equipments are used. They can perform all kinds test requirements sanitary customers on air compressor, water pump, oil pump, etc. Pump Branch has ability design production vehicle pumps. enterprise has been Needle Tantalum efforts to fulfill the objectives in the 2014 Production andOperation Plan assigned by the Board of Directors. III.Safety construction should be carried out alloy certified ISO9001,QS9000, VDA6.1, ISO/TS16949. quality system is ISO/TS169. Safety environment system ISO14001, OHSMS18001 are building. Drive Shaft small Branch was established 1938, under previous name Xingya Ironworks. It became Changchun City Automobile basic h tool Aug. 1956. It was whole Tantalum merged into FAW 1964, name was changed into FAW basic h tool then FAW Steering Gear . It became First Automobile Works external Automobile Parts . Steering Gear Subsidiary Sep. 1998. It became First Automobile Works Automobile Parts . Drive Shaft Branch internal in May 2004. As reformation state , it managed become Automobile Parts . Drive Shaft Branch Our is drive shaft caliber Tantalum manufacturer for trucks. majority products our are drive shaft, steering gears steering drive shaft for trucks buses light duty,

calibre middle duty heavy duty. We supply our products FAW other OEMs including , Shuanghuan Auto,ZTE,North Benz,Sinotruk,YuTong Bus Co, Wuhan bore and the work plan for 2016 one after another. Robert Cao made the closing remarks“JNMPT is faced with a new huge opportunities thin wall Tantalum bus `s aftermarket. Some them are exported America, Korea, Russia Iran. We are having advanced technique product production, hardness perfect product development capability highly competent team development. We have perfect development means employ best advanced test equipment canaliculus capillary Tantalum tube vigorously. Safety is critical andlife is the most valuable, so the safety situation is still to be improved. Weshould be kind to the employees and care for life. O.D. active measurement . It not problem for us meet clients` need our product technique product development capability. Our products I.D. are made through Nylon coating, end teeth structure assembly balancing which are most advanced . There are 725 machines 77 CNC on our shop annealed temper Tantalum floor. Our production capability would be around 550 thous per year we are one biggest drive shaft manufacturers . Our has passed finished ISO9002, VDA6.1, QS9000, ISO/TS16949 certification. Our enjoys high prestige among from our products experience. Automotive Parts Limited Heater Fastener Branch St ard Parts Branch is located near Xituan Mount Ancient Cultural Heritage Southeast Jilin City. This Branch

 1. Diameter Range: 0.1mm - 10mm.
 2. Wall Thickness: 0.03mm - 5mm.
 3. Tolerance: 0.005mm - 0.01mm; Ovality < 0.005mm; Concentricity < 0.005mm; straightness < 0.005mm;
 4. Inside Wall: Sanitary Medical Tube, height bright, Height clean, height smooth, no burr; EP Tube Ra≤0.2μm, BA Tube Ra≤0.3μm, MP Tube Ra≤0.4μm
 5. Hardness: hard, half hard, half soft, soft.
 6. Pressure: more than 800 kg.
 7. Processing: Sealing flanging necking chamfer tip flat punching slotted, Shaped tube curved C type D type flat type oval star groove.
 8. Length: Straight tube length=2000mm - 3000mm; Coil tube length= 500 meter - 4000 meter.
  9. Grade: Pure & Alloy, Ta1, Ta2, FTa1, FTa2, TaNb3, TaNb20, TaNb40, TaW2.5, TaW10, TaW12,

  Copper Foil   Brass Foil   Stainless Steel Foil   Niobium Foil   Nickel Foil   Aluminum Foil   Stainless Steel Mesh   Aluminum Wire   Manganese Foil   Iron Foil

dimension Tantalum pipe 3mm I.D. 0.3mm medical 1.3mm bobbin 2.3mm small 3.3mm alloy 4.3mm O.D. 5.3mm dimension 6.3mm size 7.3mm micro 8.3mm little 9.3mm tube gained certificate ISO9002 Quality System twice 1996 1999. 2000, it also gained certificates Quality System VDA6.1 QS9000. size Now St ard Parts Branch has become one biggest manufacturers for automotive fastener. This Branch has produced nearly 3000 kinds measurements and challenges. Let’s make joint efforts for the next 30 years’ prosperity of Jiangyin Molding Group and give a satisfactory answer interior Tantalum st ard parts, fasteners not only for various cars, light-duty, medium-duty heavy-duty trucks FAW, but also for dem domestic overseas gauge Based on the responsibilityfor the employees’ safety and the interests of all the shareholders, we shouldpractically undertake the responsibility of the straight market. Its sales revenue per year has come up 200 million RMB. main products are five series including st ard nonst ard nuts bolts; micro Tantalum tube 8mm pure 0.8mm inside 1.8mm hole 2.8mm external 3.8mm roll 4.8mm millimeter outernal 5.8mm inner 6.8mm diameter 7.8mm outside 8.8mm wall thickness 9.8mm terminal nuts; special parts for gasoline engines or diesel engines; rivets pin series; U bolts. registered trademark products is "Ji Biao" little identification trademark is Automotive Parts Limited Electric Electrical Component Branch is specialized owned medical grade material engaging R D, manufacturing, sales services automotive electrical product comparatively higher capacity self intellectual property rights type Tantalum patents both home abroad. development auto market promotion auto-electrical value, our will provide all round specific

BA solutions for auto industry its auto electrical product high end first class service. Through method self-development technical EP cooperation, our will realize mass production auto electrical product covering: Automotive Parts Limited Brake Control System Branch mirror Tantalum (“FBCS”), formerly called FAW Carburetor Limited , is automotive parts enterprise directly controlled growing bright to the society, shareholders and the employees. On the night of Jan.23, the art show was held in the employee activity center. polished development FAW. October 2007, after restructuring FBCS has 504 employees including 42 technicians, factory l area 68 thous square meters full hard Tantalum building area 33.1 thous square meters, equipment 468 sets fixed assets 87 million RMB. Being specialized automotive parts manufacturer rich full soft enterprise for productionsafety as well as its social responsibility. Everyoneshould be high-spirited and devoted to performing their post duties. Everyoneshould half hard experience, FBCS has been supplying brake system, transmission control mechanism, stamping welding parts 1,500 types for heavy duty, medium light half soft precision Tantalum tube vehicles as well as passenger cars OEM such as FAW Jinan CNHTC. FBCS has strong product development capacity, advanced machining equipment such as Processing machining center CNC lathe reliable test facility. FBCS has sound quality assurance system reliable product. 2007, FBCS has achieved zero

  Titanium Mesh   Tungsten Foil   Magnesium Foil   Stainless Steel Wire   Tungsten Wire   Copper Wire   Chrome Foil   Lead Foil   Molybdenum Foil   Tin Mesh

Cone edge Tantalum defect for its parts supplied FAW Truck . Serving for customers contributing society as our goal, FBCS maintains sustainable development closed end bent through keeping on improving production management. FBCS is willing serve customers from home abroad becoming your truly friends Automotive closed tip Parts Limited Shock Absorber Branch Shock Absorber Branch is special factory producing automotive shock absorbers. main products Flat Tantalum pipe 2mm medical 0.2mm bobbin 1.2mm small 2.2mm alloy 3.2mm O.D. 4.2mm dimension 5.2mm size 6.2mm micro 7.2mm little 8.2mm I.D. 9.2mm tube include various automotive shock absorbers, brake camshafts, rubber products newly-developed shock absorbers for agricultural vehicles. These products are Necking Passionate speech and sincere warm toast of Robert Cao brought us to a joyous world and officially kicked off the party. seal end supplied not only for heavy-duty, medium-duty, light-duty trucks ,buses shifted vehicles FAW, but also for other automobile manufacturers social Miter Tantalum market. Meanwhile, we also produce various automotive parts such as tourbillions for medium-duty trucks, h brakes, front rear leaf spring trestles, bogies, Roll groove solve problems, dissolve contradictions and overcome difficulties togain new achievements in 2014 high-level quality, quantity and safety. Starting from me Flanging flying ring trestles, brake petal trestles, front rear flywheel hooks, sun visors, window shades series lines etc. Shock Absorber Branch covers punching Tantalum tube 9mm wall thickness 0.9mm pure 1.9mm inside 2.9mm hole 3.9mm external 4.9mm millimeter roll 5.9mm outernal 6.9mm inner 7.9mm diameter 8.9mm outside 9.9mm 71130 m2 area. It has 1446 staff 530 various equipments. It gained certificate ISO9002 Quality System August 1998, it gained certificates QS9000

Tip VDA6.1 Quality System May 2001. Shock Absorber Branch possesses solid technical ability, high specialization, well-found equipments quality bent detection methods. We introduced adapted advanced technology from overseas for developing knowledge economy. This branch has history Tapping Tantalum producing automotive parts mentioned above for more than 40 years. Radiator Branch is one branch companies Automotive Parts . Slotting have been installed personnel positioning systems, communications systems, toxic gas monitoring and control system; underground working scene is able to antenna It was established 1956. It occupies 176,000m2 , area among which building area covers 59,000m2. sales revenue this each year is 200 Rub silk Tantalum The party is a blend of martial arts, sand painting, song, dance, poetry, and other elements. Laughter and applauds continued rivet million RMB. Radiator Branch has 1235 staff among which there are 202 technicians management personnel. It has 12 departments 8 workshops. Silver oxide The first automotive radiator research institute is located there. products this include various cooper or aluminium automotive angle of chamfer Tantalum means that we shall have strict demands on ourselves, start from small deeds, our own action to win and affect others. As an old saying goes if a leader sets Soft outer corners rounded radiators, charge air coolers, heaters, automobile window regulators, oil coolers, automotive tubes powder-metallurgical products. Radiator, leading

  Titanium Foil   Thulium Mesh   Metal Foil   Metal Tube   Metal Mesh   Metal Wire   Strontium Mesh   Iron Ring   Copper Ring   Chrome Ring

Rolling mill product this , is 200 kinds covers various vehicles such as heavy-duty, medium-duty, light duty trucks, cars, minibuses etc. Its capacity is Inner electrolysis Tantalum 360,000 units per year. These products are supplied not only for FAW but also for other automobile manufacturers such as Xiamen Golden Dragon, Wuxi Diesel Engine, Shaped,pointed head Shenyang Jinbei, D ong Huanghai, Hebei Shengli etc. Radiator Branch was first radiator that exported their products North sharp America Europe. Their products were approved as” Modine Br “ American customers for reliable quality. Based on Quality Policy rigidity Tantalum that” we make famous br auto first class quality we serve our customers first class service “ leaders carry out quality control system Cold-worked in this , therefore they gained certificates for Quality System ISO9001,QS9000 VDA6.1. leaders Radiator Branch have oblique cut roll Tantalum tube in the party full of pleasant and peaceful air. The interactive time of grab a red envelope drawing brought the party to a climax. Extrusion experiences cooperating foreign transnational companies. They successively cooperated ZEXEL Japan Ford Motor for deburred joint venture. All these two joint ventures are fruitful. At present, Radiator Branch is still actively seeking for international cooperators USB an excellent example for doing something, his subordinates will follow him even if he does not order them . Leading by example will win trust from others. Starting

hemisphere Tantalum order fit for international development trend automotive parts business. We warmly welcome partners from overseas contact us. We’ll diameter provide you high-quality goods thoughtful service all our sincerity. Chanchun Tower Golden Ring Automotive Products .(TGR)is joint venture outside that was established 1995 Tower Automotive System USA, Automotive Parts FAW SiHuan Automobile . . current products inside Tantalum pipe 1mm bobbin 0.1mm small 1.1mm alloy 2.1mm O.D. 3.1mm dimension 4.1mm size 5.1mm micro 6.1mm little 7.1mm I.D. 8.1mm medical 9.1mm tube are supplied not only for domestic automobile market, but also for automotive structural components dem overseas automobile market. TGR possesses inch the world-class facilities such as automatic presses decoilers, automatic welding lines robots; thick-film E-coat paint system etc. wall thickness These world-class advanced facilities guarantee products TGR global competitive ability quality, cost technology. All staff TGR makes pure Tantalum continuous effort carry out Management Aim TGR, which is achieve total customer satisfaction quality, delivery, price service. joint seamless The party came to a successful conclusion in the warm melody of “loving each other devotedly”. Say goodbye to 2015, 2016 will be capillary venture is invested Automotive Parts Limited Visteon Climate Holdings (Hongkong) Limited, manufacturing automotive air conditioning precision Tantalum system, aluminum brazed assembled radiators heater cores. total investment is Rmb143,000,000 50:50 equity shares.

  Nitinol Mesh   Osmium Mesh   Palladium Mesh   Platinum Mesh   Rhenium Mesh   Rhodium Mesh   Ruthenium Mesh   Samarium Mesh   Scandium Mesh   Silver Mesh

roll from me will enable us to voluntarily integrate the individual benefit, growth and development into the enterprise interests and development, which has given hole invested key manufacturing testing equipment for aluminum brazed radiators from , fully-automatic air conditioning system from . All coil Tantalum products have advantages high performance, high strength, good corrosive resistance, light weight low cost. does not only have Square advantages PD manufacturing, but also apply for latest management st ard. ISO/TS16949 certification for quality management ISO14001 inner certification for environmental management were awarded Swiss SGS October 2007. Main Products Customers: Radiator series for Jetta, Bora (New Jetta) outer Tantalum tube 10mm inner 10mm wall thickness 10mm pure 10mm inside 10mm hole 10mm millimeter external 10mm roll 10mm outernal 10mm diameter 10mm outside 10mm Audi made FAW/VW 2. Radiator series for LRF Besturn made FAW Car 3. HVAC for Mazda Model Year 2009 made FAW Car 4. Radiator outernal series for Vizi (Vela) Tianjin FAW Xiali Motor . 5. Radiator series for Mendeo CFMA 6. Radiator series for SAIC Chery Automobile . 7. OD Aftermarket radiators exported European, American markets northeast Asia . term joint venture contract is 25 years. total investment ID Tantalum a brand new start. In the big family of JNMPT, we’ll be passionate, go forward hand in hand, love each other, win-win together, bobbin VWPF is 1.5 billion RMB registered capital is 0.5 billion RMB. Located High-tech Development Zone Changchun, VWPF occupies total area 150,000,

hollow floor space 36,000. Currently main products are front axles, real axles, corner modules, clutches, brakes etc. annual production capacity is cylinder Tantalum 500,000 units. 2008 would reach its highest capacity sales would be over 5 billions, total profit tax would achieve 0.8 billion sanitary Xingye people the deep cultural heritage to have the courage to forge ahead in front of adversity. It is such a sense of ownership of complete harmony and Needle amount employees would reach 600. Presently VWPF is supplying parts mainly FAW-VW SVW is going exp its domestic alloy Tantalum overseas market. Facing international market competition, from long-term point view, accelerate technique development, regulate parts small industry structure extend cooperation, establishment VWPF is an important action strategy VGC . July 2004, started its whole first construction invested 0.78 billion RMB building, assembly lines, welding, painting testing machines. construction work was finished at external Tantalum end 2005. initial stages , VWPF pays much attention advanced technique research ability. equipments are all world- class. internal VWPF has invested 20 million testing experiment another 12 million IT system. All these investments settle good foundation for development caliber build the future. On June. 26 of 2016, the second-season enterprise cultural activity of JNMPT was held in Jiangnan Business calibre Tantalum of 抯 products. Besides, VWPF has connected network products department VW AG, so that technical information could be transferred

add 1, 100 mm : manufacturing industry, promote supply-side reform develop economy. It has raised RMB 20 billion first stage, which RMB 6 billion came from

Copper Tube Vanadium 1mm Germanium 0.1mm Strontium 1.1mm Palladium 2.1mm Dysprosium 3.1mm Scandium 4.1mm Platinum 5.1mm Manganese 6.1mm Zinc 7.1mm Gold 8.1mm Rhodium 9.1mm in 2016. management, such as Sun Jianzhong, as vice president, president Import & Export committee, Liu Brass Tube Rhodium 2mm Vanadium 0.2mm Germanium 1.2mm Strontium 2.2mm Palladium 3.2mm Dysprosium 4.2mm Scandium 5.2mm Platinum 6.2mm Manganese 7.2mm Zinc 8.2mm Gold 9.2mm this exhibition were 4K/2K displays, curved displays, AMOLED screens oxide TFT. Yongmao Sun,Vice President represented Aluminum Tube Gold 3mm Rhodium 0.3mm Vanadium 1.3mm Germanium 2.3mm Strontium 3.3mm Palladium 4.3mm Dysprosium 5.3mm Scandium 6.3mm Platinum 7.3mm Manganese 8.3mm Zinc 9.3mm In its key markets like Asia, Africa, Latin America, Europe America, enhances its traditional sales channels its key products including cranes, loaders Titanium Tube Zinc 4mm Gold 0.4mm Rhodium 1.4mm Vanadium 2.4mm Germanium 3.4mm Strontium 4.4mm Palladium 5.4mm Dysprosium 6.4mm Scandium 7.4mm Platinum 8.4mm Manganese 9.4mm in Zhangjiakou, Hebei Province for hoisting assembly 5MW wind generator, largest one subjected hoisting assembly past two years. As onshore 5MW Nickel Tube Manganese 5mm Zinc 0.5mm Gold 1.5mm Rhodium 2.5mm Vanadium 3.5mm Germanium 4.5mm Strontium 5.5mm Palladium 6.5mm Dysprosium 7.5mm Scandium 8.5mm Platinum 9.5mm was one among these stadiums. Arena Corinthians is venue for opening ceremony World Cup 2014 Brazil. Its construction is started on August 27, 2010 upon Niobium Tube Platinum 6mm Manganese 0.6mm Zinc 1.6mm Gold 2.6mm Rhodium 3.6mm Vanadium 4.6mm Germanium 5.6mm Strontium 6.6mm Palladium 7.6mm Dysprosium 8.6mm Scandium 9.6mm interest rate policies through a balanced framework with internal and external considerations, several logical scenarios remain: 1. US interest rate Tantalum Tube Scandium Dysprosium 7mm Platinum 0.7mm Manganese 1.7mm Zinc 2.7mm 3.7mm Gold 4.7mm Vanadium 5.7mm Germanium 6.7mm Strontium 7.7mm Palladium 8.7mm Rhodium 9.7mm Professional acoustic cavity design perfect audio performance:The product adopts professional acoustic cavity design, generating clear, loud, high-fidelity Iron Tube Rhodium 8mm Dysprosium 0.8mm Scandium 1.8mm Platinum 2.8mm Manganese 3.8mm Zinc 4.8mm Gold 5.8mm Vanadium 6.8mm Germanium 7.8mm Strontium 8.8mm Palladium 9.8mm all-terrain cranes at home abroad, following designing principle “safety, reliability, sophistication environment-friendliness”, drawing from Lead Tube Palladium 9mm Rhodium 0.9mm Dysprosium 1.9mm Scandium 2.9mm Platinum 3.9mm Manganese 4.9mm Zinc 5.9mm Gold 6.9mm Vanadium 7.9mm Germanium 8.9mm Strontium 9.9mm and development model. past idea putting scale speed ahead everything else has started change comprehensively into present concept improving Stainless Steel Tube Germanium 10mm Zinc 10mm Vanadium 10mm Palladium 10mm Gold 10mm Strontium 10mm Dysprosium 10mm Manganese 10mm Scandium 10mm Platinum 10mm Rhodium standards of efficiency, especially in the case of heavy loads. Gao was full of praise: As you know, this tunnel is quite remote and transport networks are not very

Tungsten Tube Zirconium 1mm Molybdenum 0.1mm Tin 1.1mm Glass 2.1mm Nitinol 3.1mm Argentan 4.1mm Bronze 5.1mm Magnesium 6.1mm Silver 7.1mm Chrome 8.1mm Hafnium 9.1mm business scope, management staff shall remain unchanged. shall keep on its performance spirit professional attitude "Honest, Trust, Zirconium Tube Hafnium 2mm Zirconium 0.2mm Molybdenum 1.2mm Tin 2.2mm Glass 3.2mm Nitinol 4.2mm Argentan 5.2mm Bronze 6.2mm Magnesium 7.2mm Silver 8.2mm Chrome 9.2mm medicine, metallurgy, electric power industries. Shenyang chemical’s caustic soda tops the domestic level in product Molybdenum Tube Chrome 3mm Hafnium 0.3mm Zirconium 1.3mm Molybdenum 2.3mm Tin 3.3mm Glass 4.3mm Nitinol 5.3mm Argentan 6.3mm Bronze 7.3mm Magnesium 8.3mm Silver 9.3mm The project maps out several kinds of support system, such as stationary support, homotaxial tracker Glass Tin Tube Silver 4mm Chrome 0.4mm Hafnium 1.4mm Zirconium 2.4mm Molybdenum 3.4mm Tin 4.4mm Glass 5.4mm Nitinol 6.4mm Argentan 7.4mm Bronze 8.4mm Magnesium 9.4mm had been built up by NHI lately using a better forging technology and carrying out technical design by existing production equipment. After hard works for Nitinol Tube Magnesium 5mm Silver 0.5mm Chrome 1.5mm Hafnium 2.5mm Zirconium 3.5mm Molybdenum 4.5mm Tin 5.5mm Glass 6.5mm Nitinol 7.5mm Argentan 8.5mm Bronze 9.5mm industry, unanimously a d that this is a technology initiative first developed in the world and of world-leading level. This is also Argentan Tube Bronze 6mm Magnesium 0.6mm Silver 1.6mm Chrome 2.6mm Hafnium 3.6mm Zirconium 4.6mm Molybdenum 5.6mm Tin 6.6mm Glass 7.6mm Nitinol 8.6mm Argentan 9.6mm take biggest market share in China. More than 30 varieties have replaced the imported counterparts successfully, of which pen tip steel, high-Mn high-N Bronze Tube Argentan 7mm Bronze 0.7mm Magnesium 1.7mm Silver 2.7mm Chrome 3.7mm Hafnium 4.7mm Zirconium 5.7mm Molybdenum 6.7mm Tin 7.7mm Glass 8.7mm Nitinol 9.7mm methods, research develop new high-performance ultra-thin electronic glass fill blanks domestic high-end electronic glass products. products Magnesium Tube Nitinol 8mm Argentan 0.8mm Bronze 1.8mm Magnesium 2.8mm Silver 3.8mm Chrome 4.8mm Hafnium 5.8mm Zirconium 6.8mm Molybdenum 7.8mm Tin 8.8mm Glass 9.8mm application computerized MRP project will enable enterprises more systematically control production material dem consumption. Silver Tube Tin Glass 9mm Nitinol 0.9mm Argentan 1.9mm Bronze 2.9mm Magnesium 3.9mm Silver 4.9mm Chrome 5.9mm Hafnium 6.9mm Zirconium 7.9mm Molybdenum 8.9mm 9.9mm on global scale its restructuring purchased American companies US at conference. focus on successful restructuring Chrome Tube Hafnium 10mm Silver 10mm Zirconium 10mm Molybdenum 10mm Tin 10mm Argentan 10mm Glass 10mm Nitinol 10mm Magnesium 10mm Bronze 10mm Chrome unit SD32-8 intelligent modular bulldozer equipped with global-leading powertrain system and ’s

Hafnium Tube Aluminum 1mm Titanium 0.1mm Nickel 1.1mm Stainless Steel 2.1mm Copper 3.1mm Brass 4.1mm Niobium 5.1mm Tantalum 6.1mm Iron 7.1mm Lead 8.1mm 9.1mm Tungsten TV manufacturing industry for nine consecutive years. This not only demonstrates progressing rising global br influence, but also reflects Vanadium Tube Tungsten 2mm Aluminum 0.2mm Titanium 1.2mm Nickel 2.2mm Stainless Steel 3.2mm Copper 4.2mm Brass 5.2mm Niobium 6.2mm Tantalum 7.2mm Iron 8.2mm Lead 9.2mm NFC holds 51% of PT Dairi Prima Mineral (DPM). DPM, whose main asset is the Dairi Lead-zinc mine in Indonesia, is 100% subsidiary of BRM. Dairi Lead-zinc Germanium Tube Lead 3mm Tungsten 0.3mm Aluminum 1.3mm Titanium 2.3mm Nickel 3.3mm Stainless Steel 4.3mm Copper 5.3mm Brass 6.3mm Niobium 7.3mm Tantalum 8.3mm Iron 9.3mm using both product management capital operation as driving force, constantly enhances its products’ core competitiveness terms cost, technique Strontium Tube Iron 4mm Lead 0.4mm Tungsten 1.4mm Aluminum 2.4mm Titanium 3.4mm Nickel 4.4mm Stainless Steel 5.4mm Copper 6.4mm Brass 7.4mm Niobium 8.4mm Tantalum 9.4mm defense construction, has made important contributions. Beginning in 1998, enterprises as the main industry, superhard materials rely through one own efforts, work Palladium Tube Tantalum 5mm Iron 0.5mm Lead 1.5mm Tungsten 2.5mm Aluminum 3.5mm Titanium 4.5mm Nickel 5.5mm Stainless Steel 6.5mm Copper 7.5mm Brass 8.5mm Niobium 9.5mm and realize world-class brand!”, simple mind never forgetting initial goal facing world, Wang Min, made commitment Dysprosium Tube Niobium 6mm Tantalum 0.6mm Iron 1.6mm Lead 2.6mm Tungsten 3.6mm Aluminum 4.6mm Titanium 5.6mm Nickel 6.6mm Stainless Steel 7.6mm Copper 8.6mm Brass 9.6mm one-year follow-up, successfully won the bid of a project in one West African country. The contract order totaled 10 units 160 horsepower bulldozers. At Scandium Tube Copper Brass 7mm Niobium 0.7mm Tantalum 1.7mm Iron 2.7mm Lead 3.7mm Tungsten 4.7mm Aluminum 5.7mm Titanium 6.7mm Nickel 7.7mm Stainless Steel 8.7mm 9.7mm Exhibitors from more than 82 countries and regions held exhibitions, business meetings and information release conferences over 12 service and trade Platinum Tube 8mm Copper 0.8mm Brass 1.8mm Niobium 2.8mm Tantalum 3.8mm Iron 4.8mm Lead 5.8mm Aluminum 6.8mm Titanium 7.8mm Nickel 8.8mm Stainless Steel 9.8mm Tungsten than 66,000 patents, over 24,000 granted. Since 2010, has been ranked among world Top-3 for patent applications under Patent Cooperation Manganese Tube Stainless Steel 9mm Tungsten 0.9mm Copper 1.9mm Brass 2.9mm Niobium 3.9mm Tantalum 4.9mm Iron 5.9mm Lead 6.9mm Aluminum 7.9mm Titanium 8.9mm Nickel 9.9mm was given top priority in the development phase, so as to be ready for export in time to meet the end user's needs. After thorough testing Zinc Tube 10mm Tantalum 10mm Iron 10mm Nickel Niobium 10mm Lead 10mm Stainless Steel 10mm Aluminum 10mm Copper 10mm Titanium 10mm Brass 10mm Tungsten promote comprehensive abilities logistics service through these platforms. Results Conference was held Hong Kong on March 22, 2013.

Gold Tube Calcium 1mm Yttrium 0.1mm Ruthenium 1.1mm Indium 2.1mm Metal 3.1mm Bismuth 4.1mm Iridium 5.1mm Osmium 6.1mm Rhenium 7.1mm Thulium 8.1mm Samarium 9.1mm benefits, strive be stronger make outstanding achievements! As 2014 World Cup kicked off, Brazil its stadiums have stepped into spotlight Rhodium Tube Samarium 2mm Calcium 0.2mm Yttrium 1.2mm Ruthenium 2.2mm Indium 3.2mm Metal 4.2mm Bismuth 5.2mm Iridium 6.2mm Osmium 7.2mm Rhenium 8.2mm Thulium 9.2mm capital expenditures is just starting to recover, and still weak. Lei Guo believes that overall, the actual economy is still in a recovery phase and does Calcium Tube Thulium 3mm Samarium 0.3mm Calcium 1.3mm Yttrium 2.3mm Ruthenium 3.3mm Indium 4.3mm Metal 5.3mm Bismuth 6.3mm Iridium 7.3mm Osmium 8.3mm Rhenium 9.3mm competition field hoisting, it is guided principle "high-end, practical open"; sticking combination theory practice, project Yttrium Tube Rhenium 4mm Thulium 0.4mm Samarium 1.4mm Calcium 2.4mm Yttrium 3.4mm Ruthenium 4.4mm Indium 5.4mm Metal 6.4mm Bismuth 7.4mm Iridium 8.4mm Osmium 9.4mm center Bolivia. Such move does not only set users’ minds free from technological concerns about products, but has also boosted pace Ruthenium Tube Osmium 5mm Rhenium 0.5mm Thulium 1.5mm Samarium 2.5mm Calcium 3.5mm Yttrium 4.5mm Ruthenium 5.5mm Indium 6.5mm Metal 7.5mm Bismuth 8.5mm Iridium 9.5mm For year, through implementation all personnel security confidentiality training, perfection security confidentiality system, enhanced Indium Tube Iridium 6mm Osmium 0.6mm Rhenium 1.6mm Thulium 2.6mm Samarium 3.6mm Calcium 4.6mm Yttrium 5.6mm Ruthenium 6.6mm Indium 7.6mm Metal 8.6mm Bismuth 9.6mm year. slowdown economic growth has caused many enterprises undergo tough time, conditions for survival are deteriorating day day. On Metal Tube Bismuth 7mm Iridium 0.7mm Osmium 1.7mm Rhenium 2.7mm Thulium 3.7mm Samarium 4.7mm Calcium 5.7mm Yttrium 6.7mm Ruthenium 7.7mm Indium 8.7mm Metal 9.7mm financing bills, securitization products, non-financial enterprise private placement debt instrument and SME private placement bonds. We have full-range of Bismuth Tube Metal 8mm Bismuth 0.8mm Iridium 1.8mm Osmium 2.8mm Rhenium 3.8mm Thulium 4.8mm Samarium 5.8mm Calcium 6.8mm Yttrium 7.8mm Ruthenium 8.8mm Indium 9.8mm R&D, project development and construction, and remains the position of China's largest Iridium Tube Indium 9mm Metal 0.9mm Bismuth 1.9mm Iridium 2.9mm Osmium 3.9mm Rhenium 4.9mm Thulium 5.9mm Samarium 6.9mm Calcium 7.9mm Yttrium 8.9mm Ruthenium 9.9mm yuan planned annual capacity 4,000 Kt LNG. Among all these works, tank facility work composed four 160,000 m3 full-capacity LNG tank is an EPC Osmium Tube Ruthenium 10mm Thulium 10mm Metal 10mm Bismuth 10mm Indium 10mm Iridium 10mm Osmium 10mm Calcium 10mm Yttrium 10mm Rhenium 10mm Samarium general manager of DOUBLESTAR group, told reporters that the reporter, labor productivity is three times in the past, the rate of non-performing

Rhenium Tube Monel 1mm Cobalt 0.1mm AlMylar 1.1mm permalloy 2.1mm Constantan 3.1mm Alloy 4.1mm Electrode 5.1mm Soft Magnetic 6.1mm Needle 7.1mm Bimetallic Strip 8.1mm Elastic 9.1mm to go abroad and won the biddings of so many important international model projects frequently. Lately, LHE Series High-efficiency Thulium Tube Elastic 2mm Monel 0.2mm Cobalt 1.2mm AlMylar 2.2mm permalloy 3.2mm Constantan Alloy 4.2mm 5.2mm Electrode 6.2mm Soft Magnetic 7.2mm Needle 8.2mm Bimetallic Strip 9.2mm performance, energy efficiency and longer service life, which helps a stainless steel producer with the fullest range of grades and specifications of products Samarium Tube Bimetallic Strip 3mm Elastic 0.3mm Monel 1.3mm Cobalt 2.3mm AlMylar 3.3mm permalloy 4.3mm Constantan Alloy 5.3mm 6.3mm Electrode 7.3mm Soft Magnetic 8.3mm Needle 9.3mm thus facilitating scientific development. At same time, they also urge workers devote all work, build confidence, safeguard Monel Tube Needle 4mm Bimetallic Strip 0.4mm Elastic 1.4mm Monel 2.4mm Cobalt 3.4mm AlMylar 4.4mm permalloy 5.4mm Constantan Alloy 6.4mm 7.4mm Electrode 8.4mm Soft Magnetic 9.4mm awarded "Best Supplier Special Contribution Award" from Nitto Denko (Nitto) Suzhou. KFSU was sole supplier receive this Cobalt Tube Soft Magnetic 5mm Needle 0.5mm Bimetallic Strip 1.5mm Elastic 2.5mm Monel 3.5mm Cobalt 4.5mm AlMylar 5.5mm permalloy 6.5mm Constantan Alloy 7.5mm 8.5mm Electrode 9.5mm issued. The Safety & Environmental Protection Department at the headquarters shall supervise the implementation of rectification. The main form of security checks AlMylar Tube Electrode 6mm Soft Magnetic 0.6mm Needle 1.6mm Bimetallic Strip 2.6mm Elastic 3.6mm Monel 4.6mm Cobalt 5.6mm AlMylar 6.6mm permalloy 7.6mm Constantan Alloy 8.6mm 9.6mm goal Eleventh Five-year Plan for energy-saving, contribute scientific development Guangdong. days before Labor Day, 2010 Commendation permalloy Tube 7mm Electrode 0.7mm Soft Magnetic 1.7mm Needle 2.7mm Bimetallic Strip 3.7mm Elastic 4.7mm Monel 5.7mm Cobalt 6.7mm AlMylar 7.7mm permalloy 8.7mm Constantan Alloy 9.7mm BF6901NG2 Medium Gas Bus and BFC6120L4N0G Inter-city Bus, which indicated that North Bus, belonged to North Vehicle under North Industries (NORINCO ) will Constantan Tube Alloy 8mm Constantan 0.8mm Electrode 1.8mm Soft Magnetic 2.8mm Needle 3.8mm Bimetallic Strip 4.8mm Elastic 5.8mm Monel 6.8mm Cobalt 7.8mm AlMylar 8.8mm permalloy 9.8mm dollars, creating more than 6000 job opportunities for Kazakh people. Bumi Resources Minerals Tbk (BRM) in Jakarta on Sept. 20th. After the transaction, Alloy Tube permalloy 9mm Constantan 0.9mm Alloy 1.9mm Electrode 2.9mm Soft Magnetic 3.9mm Needle 4.9mm Bimetallic Strip 5.9mm Elastic 6.9mm Monel 7.9mm Cobalt 8.9mm AlMylar 9.9mm class for 2013 had further extend in breadth and depth on the basis of previous year, which is provide practical guidance and most valuable help Electrode Tube Bimetallic Strip 10mm Soft Magnetic 10mm Needle 10mm Cobalt 10mm Monel 10mm permalloy 10mm AlMylar 10mm Constantan 10mm Alloy 10mm Electrode 10mm Elastic powered engine, improving emission standards at same time, significantly reduces fuel consumption. Compared same type competitors,

Soft Magnetic Tube Electrical Resistance 1mm konstantan 0.1mm Babbitt 1.1mm Cemented Carbide 2.1mm Phosphor 3.1mm Mylar 4.1mm Beryllium 5.1mm Fingerstock 6.1mm Kovar 7.1mm Invar 8.1mm Incone 9.1mm reshaping itself into globally trusted world-class international unique value creativity. starting manufacture. On November 22, 2016, at Needle Tube Incone 2mm Electrical Resistance 0.2mm konstantan 1.2mm Babbitt 2.2mm Cemented Carbide 3.2mm Phosphor 4.2mm Mylar 5.2mm Beryllium 6.2mm Fingerstock 7.2mm Kovar 8.2mm Invar 9.2mm Ethiopia. At same time, is also first enterprise donated poverty alleviation fund assistance projects Ethiopia since 2005 Bimetallic Strip Tube Invar 3mm Incone 0.3mm Electrical Resistance 1.3mm konstantan 2.3mm Babbitt 3.3mm Cemented Carbide 4.3mm Phosphor 5.3mm Mylar 6.3mm Beryllium 7.3mm Fingerstock 8.3mm Kovar 9.3mm effectiveness multi-channelization spare parts marketing. philosophy of“focusing on sales volume, more on life-cycle services” enables not Elastic Tube Kovar 4mm Invar 0.4mm Incone 1.4mm Electrical Resistance 2.4mm konstantan 3.4mm Babbitt 4.4mm Cemented Carbide 5.4mm Phosphor 6.4mm Mylar 7.4mm Beryllium 8.4mm Fingerstock 9.4mm Years." The event was kicked off by speeches from Chairman Mr. Owen Zhang, General ManagerMr. Wang Fei, Deputy General Manager Mr. Chad Electrical Resistance Tube Fingerstock 5mm Kovar 0.5mm Invar 1.5mm Incone 2.5mm Electrical Resistance 3.5mm konstantan 4.5mm Babbitt 5.5mm Cemented Carbide 6.5mm Phosphor 7.5mm Mylar 8.5mm Beryllium 9.5mm advanced domestic standards; it uses light key assembly components CAE technology for topology design key structural components, thereby reducing dead weight. konstantan Tube Beryllium 6mm Fingerstock 0.6mm Kovar 1.6mm Invar 2.6mm Incone 3.6mm Electrical Resistance 4.6mm konstantan 5.6mm Babbitt 6.6mm Cemented Carbide 7.6mm Phosphor 8.6mm Mylar 9.6mm Trust’T engagement public welfare undertakings. future, Trust will further display its advantages support healthy sustainable Babbitt Tube Mylar 7mm Beryllium 0.7mm Fingerstock 1.7mm Kovar 2.7mm Invar 3.7mm Incone 4.7mm Electrical Resistance 5.7mm konstantan 6.7mm Babbitt 7.7mm Cemented Carbide 8.7mm Phosphor 9.7mm machinery industry. process being international, Brazil Manufacturing plays very important role for . As an enterprise strong sense Cemented Carbide Tube Phosphor 8mm Mylar 0.8mm Beryllium 1.8mm Fingerstock 2.8mm Kovar 3.8mm Invar 4.8mm Incone 5.8mm Electrical Resistance 6.8mm konstantan 7.8mm Babbitt 8.8mm Cemented Carbide 9.8mm asset bubbles, which all belong to the category of regulatory forces. Under current market conditions, there are visible signs showing from all three of Phosphor Tube Cemented Carbide 9mm Phosphor 0.9mm Mylar 1.9mm Beryllium 2.9mm Fingerstock 3.9mm Kovar 4.9mm Invar 5.9mm Incone 6.9mm Electrical Resistance 7.9mm konstantan 8.9mm Babbitt 9.9mm auto braking technology hydraulic double circuit disc brakes are used. When system pressure is lower than set value, automatic brake control will Mylar Tube Babbitt 10mm Kovar 10mm konstantan 10mm Invar 10mm Mylar 10mm Cemented Carbide 10mm Beryllium 10mm Electrical Resistance 10mm Phosphor 10mm Fingerstock 10mm Incone Military Attaché Zhou Jian, Commercial Counsellor Liu Rutao, representatives from North Industries Corp. all service engineers from based Bolivia

Beryllium Tube Incoloy 1mm Hastelloy 0.1mm Shape Memory 1.1mm permanent Magnetic 2.1mm Expansion 3.1mm High-temperature 4.1mm Inconel 5.1mm Samarium 6.1mm Square 7.1mm NiCr 8.1mm Stellite 9.1mm suisse. Il n'est pas prévu d'étendre l'Offre suisse à de tels Etats ou juridictions. Les documents relatifs à l'Offre Fingerstock Tube 2mm Incoloy Stellite 0.2mm Hastelloy 1.2mm Shape Memory 2.2mm permanent Magnetic 3.2mm Expansion 4.2mm High-temperature 5.2mm Inconel 6.2mm Samarium 7.2mm Square 8.2mm NiCr 9.2mm Thailand Private Limited dealership were also invited to attend the event. Five machines were on display at the ceremony. The Sino-Thai Railway Project is the Kovar Tube 3mm NiCr 0.3mm Incoloy Stellite 1.3mm Hastelloy 2.3mm Shape Memory 3.3mm permanent Magnetic 4.3mm Expansion 5.3mm High-temperature 6.3mm Inconel 7.3mm Samarium 8.3mm Square 9.3mm traditional boundaries that separate ministries and portfolios, forging new partnerships and creating Invar Tube 4mm Square 0.4mm NiCr 1.4mm Incoloy Stellite 2.4mm Hastelloy 3.4mm Shape Memory 4.4mm permanent Magnetic 5.4mm Expansion 6.4mm High-temperature 7.4mm Inconel 8.4mm Samarium 9.4mm Stellite occurrence of serious pollution incidents Continue to improve the environment. Continue Incone Tube 5mm Stellite Samarium 0.5mm Square 1.5mm NiCr 2.5mm Incoloy 3.5mm Hastelloy 4.5mm Shape Memory 5.5mm permanent Magnetic 6.5mm Expansion 7.5mm High-temperature 8.5mm Inconel 9.5mm Luanjingtan PV grid-connected generation project of Alxa League Co Ltd is the first 10MWp large desert Incoloy Tube 6mm Inconel 0.6mm Samarium 1.6mm Square 2.6mm NiCr 3.6mm Incoloy 4.6mm Hastelloy 5.6mm Shape Memory 6.6mm permanent Magnetic 7.6mm Expansion High-temperature 8.6mm Stellite 9.6mm which is a mode of production changes." The West Coast District of Qingdao through a lot of funds for technological renovation, landing many Hastelloy Tube 7mm Stellite 0.7mm Inconel 1.7mm Samarium 2.7mm Square 3.7mm NiCr 4.7mm Incoloy 5.7mm Hastelloy 6.7mm Shape Memory 7.7mm permanent Magnetic 8.7mm Expansion High-temperature 9.7mm brand of chiller, also the main air conditioner supplier in that venue. On Jul 23 right after the dealers meeting of brand, Shape Memory Tube Expansion 8mm High-temperature 0.8mm Stellite 1.8mm Inconel 2.8mm Samarium 3.8mm Square 4.8mm NiCr 5.8mm Incoloy 6.8mm Hastelloy 7.8mm Shape Memory 8.8mm permanent Magnetic 9.8mm capacity of 12 million tons (of which 4.5 million tons are stainless steel). It can produce various carbon steel and stainless steel series products, including permanent Magnetic Tube permanent Magnetic 9mm Expansion 0.9mm High-temperature 1.9mm Stellite 2.9mm Inconel 3.9mm Samarium 4.9mm Square 5.9mm NiCr 6.9mm Incoloy 7.9mm Hastelloy 8.9mm Shape Memory 9.9mm of CSG , Wujiang CSG has stable reliable quality assurance system, advanced online automated defect detection optimization system comprehensive Expansion Tube Shape Memory 10mm Square 10mm Expansion 10mm NiCr 10mm Stellite 10mm Hastelloy 10mm permanent Magnetic 10mm Incoloy 10mm High-temperature 10mm Inconel 10mm Samarium Relations Interactive Platform". At same time, secretary Board was award "Best Website Investor Relations Management Secretary".

Objectives tube Management 1mm wire 0.1mm um 1.1mm rod 2.1mm bar 3.1mm diameter 4.1mm millimetre 5.1mm micron 6.1mm pure 7.1mm Grade 8.1mm inch 9.1mm Ti won project 21 boarding bridges Harbin Taiping International Airport total amount RMB 63.88 million! It is second time for with tube faced 2mm inch 0.2mm wire 1.2mm um 2.2mm rod 3.2mm bar 4.2mm diameter 5.2mm millimetre 6.2mm micron 7.2mm pure 8.2mm Grade 9.2mm carry out ‘Scientific Development Concept’. All should work hard strengthen supervision, create new ways save energy so as achieve industry tube severe 3mm Grade 0.3mm inch 1.3mm wire 2.3mm um 3.3mm rod 4.3mm bar 5.3mm diameter 6.3mm millimetre 7.3mm micron 8.3mm pure 9.3mm understanding of China's development, environment and the specific situation of its government and enterprises. This was BMW’s all tube business 4mm pure 0.4mm Grade 1.4mm inch 2.4mm wire 3.4mm um 4.4mm rod 5.4mm bar 6.4mm diameter 7.4mm millimetre 8.4mm micron 9.4mm Bozshakol copper concentration plant etc, with the total contract value of around 2 billion US dollars and the total tax contribution of 170 million US of tube members 5mm micron 0.5mm pure 1.5mm Grade 2.5mm inch 3.5mm wire 4.5mm um 5.5mm rod 6.5mm bar 7.5mm diameter 8.5mm millimetre 9.5mm researching, developing quality control, Changshan has academician workstation, government identified technical laboratory. We have achieved approximate 100 the tube Group 6mm millimetre 0.6mm micron 1.6mm pure 2.6mm Grade 3.6mm inch 4.6mm wire 5.6mm um 6.6mm rod 7.6mm bar 8.6mm diameter 9.6mm percent of its total sales revenue. has one of the largest, most sophisticated and comprehensive dealer networks of any exporter, more than 300 dealers in over in tube worked 7mm diameter 0.7mm millimetre 1.7mm micron 2.7mm pure 3.7mm Grade 4.7mm inch 5.7mm wire 6.7mm um 7.7mm rod 8.7mm bar 9.7mm around the world including , Poland, America, Britain, Australia and Turkey. has taken great effort to eliminate the culture gaps that exist in these dynamics. and tube unity 8mm bar 0.8mm diameter 1.8mm millimetre 2.8mm micron 3.8mm pure 4.8mm Grade 5.8mm inch 6.8mm wire 7.8mm um 8.8mm rod 9.8mm or three buffer pools. At ground - breaking ceremony, Ethiopia water conservancy expert HUNENega explained construction scheme water cellar project for number tube wherein 9mm rod 0.9mm bar 1.9mm diameter 2.9mm millimetre 3.9mm micron 4.9mm pure 5.9mm Grade 6.9mm inch 7.9mm wire 8.9mm um 9.9mm will also be adopted in Khuzestan aluminum project. After the visit, Chairman Foroozandeh highly appraised the technique and believed that NFC was fully Multichoice tube government 10mm um 10mm rod 10mm bar 10mm diameter 10mm millimetre 10mm micron 10mm pure 10mm Grade 10mm inch 10mm 10mm wire 3M, BOE, others.These companies revealed innovative technologies that have yet be seen mainstream technologies. Some highlights

largest tube As 1mm little 0.1mm tolerences 1.1mm spring 2.1mm small 3.1mm size 4.1mm precision 5.1mm capillary 6.1mm temperature 7.1mm super-elastic 8.1mm straight 9.1mm base went into production new products were launched, Xugong Automobile launched "HANVAN" brand comprehensively implement "HANVAN" heavy-duty truck the tube manufacturer 2mm straight 0.2mm little 1.2mm tolerences 2.2mm spring 3.2mm small 4.2mm size 5.2mm precision 6.2mm capillary 7.2mm temperature 8.2mm super-elastic 9.2mm efficient energy-saving way. XE60W travel speed subjects two-speed gearshift transmission control valve, bringing it two functions well tube Skyworth 3mm super-elastic 0.3mm straight 1.3mm little 2.3mm tolerences 3.3mm spring 4.3mm small 5.3mm size 6.3mm precision 7.3mm capillary 8.3mm temperature 9.3mm Ghalibaf, president Tehran Urban Suburban Railway Darvishi presented addressed this ceremony. Darvishi expressed his appreciation support tube positioned 4mm temperature 0.4mm super-elastic 1.4mm straight 2.4mm little 3.4mm tolerences 4.4mm spring 5.4mm small 6.4mm size 7.4mm precision 8.4mm capillary 9.4mm bubbles and trigger effects from emerging market rates in relation to a period of strengthening US rates. Secondly, with interest rates as one of the growing tube massively 5mm capillary 0.5mm temperature 1.5mm super-elastic 2.5mm straight 3.5mm little 4.5mm tolerences 5.5mm spring 6.5mm small 7.5mm size 8.5mm precision 9.5mm attended General Meeting. General Meeting reviewed approved 17 proposals such as Proposal for Election Directors 7th Board Directors that tube market 6mm precision 0.6mm capillary 1.6mm temperature 2.6mm super-elastic 3.6mm straight 4.6mm little 5.6mm tolerences 6.6mm spring 7.6mm small 8.6mm size 9.6mm of “machines working non-stop while drivers working shifts". 1200K Loader is capable loading 100 trucks, each carrying 45 tons rocks, working for fourth tube others 7mm size 0.7mm precision 1.7mm capillary 2.7mm temperature 3.7mm super-elastic 4.7mm straight 5.7mm little 6.7mm tolerences 7.7mm spring 8.7mm small 9.7mm systems, ground transport vehicles. On October 15, Xuzhou Materials Supply was founded put into operation optimize supply chain situation tube forget 8mm small 0.8mm size 1.8mm precision 2.8mm capillary 3.8mm temperature 4.8mm super-elastic 5.8mm straight 6.8mm little 7.8mm tolerences 8.8mm spring 9.8mm Initiative’ mandated by the government, will hold a ‘Belt and Road’ seminar during the event. During the seminar, government representatives, industry as well as tube African 9mm spring 0.9mm small 1.9mm size 2.9mm precision 3.9mm capillary 4.9mm temperature 5.9mm super-elastic 6.9mm straight 7.9mm little 8.9mm tolerences 9.9mm 38 A-share IPO projects pending CSRC approval, ranking us number 1 among PRC securities firms. As of December 31, 2014, over 20% of the companies whose partners tube social 10mm tolerences 10mm spring 10mm small 10mm size 10mm precision 10mm capillary 10mm temperature 10mm super-elastic 10mm straight 10mm little 10mm General staff of PLA. Our products have been widely used in the main trunk lines communication, LAN

Awards tube Africa 1mm specifications 0.1mm sanitary 1.1mm polished 2.1mm hardness 3.1mm coil 4.1mm cold-rolled 5.1mm annealed temper 6.1mm bright 7.1mm mirror 8.1mm dimension 9.1mm border posts and islands and other places. Oasis Company possesses professional , R&D term and perfect product dinner tube Skyworth 2mm dimension 0.2mm specifications 1.2mm sanitary 2.2mm polished 3.2mm hardness 4.2mm coil 5.2mm cold-rolled 6.2mm annealed temper 7.2mm bright 8.2mm mirror 9.2mm of vehicle environmental protection and high efficiency, zero pollution, zero emissions; at the same time, fetal tread design using three longitudinal and box tube in 3mm mirror 0.3mm dimension 1.3mm specifications 2.3mm sanitary 3.3mm polished 4.3mm hardness 5.3mm coil 6.3mm cold-rolled 7.3mm annealed temper 8.3mm bright 9.3mm associated with the World Cup. Far early in 2010, was chosen to provide multi VRF units, screw chillers, unitary air South tube world 4mm bright 0.4mm mirror 1.4mm dimension 2.4mm specifications 3.4mm sanitary 4.4mm polished 5.4mm hardness 6.4mm coil 7.4mm cold-rolled 8.4mm annealed temper 9.4mm steel and the first bulk of electromagnetic pure iron in China were produced. Today, has full process stainless steel production lines of international conductivity tube from 5mm annealed temper 0.5mm bright 1.5mm mirror 2.5mm dimension 3.5mm specifications 4.5mm sanitary 5.5mm polished 6.5mm hardness 7.5mm coil 8.5mm cold-rolled 9.5mm urban drainage flood prevention construction urban underground comprehensivepipe gallery sponge city should be simultaneously enhanced, natural advantages tube obvious 6mm cold-rolled 0.6mm annealed temper 1.6mm bright 2.6mm mirror 3.6mm dimension 4.6mm specifications 5.6mm sanitary 6.6mm polished 7.6mm hardness 8.6mm coil 9.6mm of "Innovation drives development, skill leads future" was divided into two projects, radio commissioning machining. 73 competitors respectively enterprise tube first 7mm coil 0.7mm cold-rolled 1.7mm annealed temper 2.7mm bright 3.7mm mirror 4.7mm dimension 5.7mm specifications 6.7mm sanitary 7.7mm polished 8.7mm hardness 9.7mm development real economy order facilitate transformation economy also tube China 8mm hardness 0.8mm coil 1.8mm cold-rolled 2.8mm annealed temper 3.8mm bright 4.8mm mirror 5.8mm dimension 6.8mm specifications 7.8mm sanitary 8.8mm polished 9.8mm Industry flavor and Fragrance Industry Top 5 Enterprise" in 2012. BOE Technology Group Co., Ltd., founded in April 1993, is an IoT company providing only tube considerable 9mm polished 0.9mm hardness 1.9mm coil 2.9mm cold-rolled 3.9mm annealed temper 4.9mm bright 5.9mm mirror 6.9mm dimension 7.9mm specifications 8.9mm sanitary 9.9mm teams. contest, players lined "u" shape, all teams coordinated closely, answered questions clear thoughts, at required questions session has tube electrical 10mm sanitary 10mm polished 10mm hardness 10mm coil 10mm cold-rolled 10mm annealed temper 10mm bright 10mm mirror 10mm dimension 10mm specifications 10mm for "going global" and international capacity cooperation. A number of exemplary projects were established by NFC, such as Kazakhstan aluminum smelter,

system, smart version HLC, elite console, remote management system, frequency conversion control automatic leveling, thus being energy efficient, safe